5th Anniversary, Lets celebrate our passion connecting growers and coffee lover´s through coffee!

5th Anniversary, Lets celebrate our passion connecting growers and coffee lover´s through coffee!

Thank you for being part of our family!

In the last 5 years, we have gone through ups and downs, more ups for sure! We have learned and have enjoyed this beautiful ride along with every single one of you! It is you COFFEE LOVERS whom made our passion for coffee real. We were born in coffee and while learning for many years about farming, varieties, tasting and markets; we came to the USA to start our bigger step: Roasting and serving our coffees to you as fresh, ethical and delicious as we can.

Here a few things we want to share:

1. First, when Darwin Pavon decided to start roasting coffee and creating Theodore´s Coffee, he had no idea what the outcome would be, his dream started after moving to Owosso, Michigan and realizing the opportunity to roast coffee for the community and the local businesses. This happened after years of training in Indianapolis, where he gained experience about the market, customer trends and sales. This was inspired by a family member who helped make this all possible and trusted this adventure had a future, for this person Darwin is thankful and will always appreciate the first real push.

2. Roasting coffee is by far Darwin´s passion, he could not think on opening a coffee shop, funny enough this is always something people asked him but in his way it was always and will always be better to offer a free cup of coffee and a friendly casual conversation about coffee and life to anyone who comes by the shop.

3. Theodore´s Coffee means more than just a name as many of you know: Theodore means Love from God, also it is the name of Darwn´s grandpa and it was supposed to be the name for his first baby; which by now you know is MATILDA a beautiful girl in many of the instagram photos.

4. Bringing Brandon "B-Man" into the team! This has been the biggest and most valuable addition to Theodore´s. Brandon represents all-in-one we LOVE him and LOVE his dedication; he is honest, ethical, responsible, hard working and smart. Brandon earned the trust and runs the show at Theodore´s, he also became a part owner of the business and has done the best work possible for the company. He also started a company as Ménō Coffee Co. which is taking off and doing great!

5. We can not stop and will never stop thanking YOU. Each and every one of you has made our business, community and passion possible. Your support helps us to support awesome growers and businesses around the world. We love sharing their stories, but we also love sharing your comments and love for the coffees we roast.

6. Our growers: we appreciate all of them and LOVE them dearly; from the ones that grow only 1 bag to the ones that grow 30. We pay them back as much as we can; last year our lowest paid farmer received $2.00 and our highest paid received $30.00. They all put so much effort in enhancing their crops and with the money we pay we improve their living, they can send their kids to school, have a better meal everyday and guarantee a better life!

7. Our new charity project called Comedor Infantil El Buen Samaritano is in Villa Linda Miller, Honduras. The project is operated by Darwin´s sister and feeds more than 35 children from the community every week, celebrate their birthdays, provides extra education and over all share the LOVE.

We want to invite you to keep supporting us, keep buying our coffees and enjoying them, keep supporting our growers, our charity project and our business.

For this and more, Thank you for being with us in the last 5 years, and to many more to come!

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