Berlin with Love for Coffee!

In a place where coffee is strong but not in the specialty area, a few very well known roasters are doing a REAL good job pushing specialty coffee forward!

In my travels around the globe I am always curious to see how is coffee progressing and who are the main players in quality, uniqueness and passion for the beans that unify all of us.

While in Berlin, I can't leave without visiting Five Elephants and Bonanza Coffee, both real unique in roasting style and story telling about each coffee. 

I started in Five Elephants which is always good, I had a espresso from Brazil and a batch brew from Guatemala, both really nice cups, reminded me of some of our very own coffees at Theodore's. The crew here is awesome, friendly and easy to talk about coffee to anyone.

Next I walked into Bonanza, btw you can miss it really easy so put it in you maps app so you find them! Here I got a Ethiopia Sasaba in espresso and a a Rwanda in the pour over, I was happy they had more options available and really enjoyed their place a lot!

As normal I always ask for Honduran coffee, cause is not easy to find it and most of this is cause we havent done a good job marketing our coffees, so here I go! Leaving business cards and information and samples not just about Theodore's but also about our Direct Trade partners in Honduras, trying to connect them with more roasters who care about the story and the success of those working to bring unique coffees to our business so we can roast them for you!

Hasta pronto with love and coffee

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