Brewing coffee tools

It is a insane time to think which brewing tool is the best! Honestly everytime I m brewing an Ethiopian; I want to use the Phoenix70. When brewing a Central American, I prefer a Chemex. When is time for a Sumatran, I can't wait to use the French Press.

With so many different methods and tools to brew a perfect cup of coffee, I get it, it can be overwhelming and you feel is just easier to go to a coffee shop and get what they have cause is always good.

In this blog, while I was riding a four hours train into Berlin, Germany; I was thinking what what can I brew? Well, If you know me, I always carry an Aeropress, a colador (calzetin) and a phoenix; as well as two or three different coffees.

While grinding the coffee and releasing those amazing aromas of my Ethiopia, Wush Wush (check it out in our website!) I started feeling people where looking at me even more interested then when I order hot water in a minute ago! The faces of the people and the reaction after they smell the coffee is memorizing. 

Not everyone carries all this tools, is not easy and sometimes not fun; but worth it when in comes to your happiness in a cup. 

So don't hesitate on having your own coffee anywhere, is always better than many other options. 

What's is your favorite brewing tool? what coffees do you brew on it? have you realize the difference it makes between tools and coffees? 

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