Direct Trade by Theodore's Coffee part 2

Direct Trade by Theodore's Coffee part 2

De El Salvador y con amor!

One of my favorite stories to tell is about Ramon de Jesus and his unbelievable piece of heaven! Yes, Ramon did it and I am sooo happy to visit him everytime I go to El Salvador, eat pupusas, drink chang and dance papaturro! 

I met Ramon while I was teaching some farmers about our fertilizer program, Ramon traveled from the neighbor country of El Salvador just a few hours away to meet with us and explain his situation and his farm. He has a Pacas variety plantation in one of the nicest places I have ever been, sometimes it even snows there! Yeah Snow! 

He decided to give me a chance to start monitoring his farm and after the result of a year he was sold. His farms seats in the Reserva Natural El Pital, Chalatenango. He produces eggs, grows corn, beans, has cows and everything he needs, literally he has a 100% sustainable farm and is a dream he achieved after spending years as an illegal immigrant in the USA, made enough money to buy this farm and went back home to make it happen.

I love his story, On the mighty shoulders of the Montana El Pital, part of the Reserva de Vida Silvestre El Pital, rests Finca Los Planes. This 32-hectares belongs to Ramon de Jesus, a 36-year-old coffee producer that found his dream not in America where he lived for 5 years, but on the farm he inherited when he was 8. Now with a 4-year-old son named after him and his wife, Sobeida, Ramon is living his dream of growing truly excellent coffee on his own land.

If you have not try his coffee go ahead you wont regret it, is just phenomenal!

How does Direct Trade with Theodore's Coffee impacts Ramon's life? Easy now he has a partner in us, we pay him average $3.00 per pound the last three years and this year we are waiting for the samples to cup, we will visit him and we will get his crop to roast it for you!

Follow more stories like this, support our business so we can buy more coffee at better price, straight to the farmers none one in the middle, so we can change the life of many more!




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