Hondurans Coffee on TOP of the world!

Hondurans Coffee on TOP of the world!

Hey COFFEE LOVERS! many of you know I am Honduran and I am very proud it, specially while working in the coffee industry! 

Just a couple of days ago in New York, Illy in the 2016/2017 cupping of "THE BEST OF THE BEST" gave away the prize a the Cup of Excellence Winner, coffee from Honduras, a Parainema cultivar form a good friend from El Paraiso, Honduras.

This coffee is situated on top of Colombians, Costa Ricans, Brazilians, Guatemalas and Ethiopians, and sold for over $180.00 lbs green! This just helps me to brag more about our coffees, as the best coffee of the world comes from Honduras!

In a Third World country like Honduras, good news are not good, they are AWESOME cause we need it! I have been pushing Honduran coffees like crazy, telling people to try it, giving thousand of free cups of coffee to prove it and the work is paying back! This year we got more coffee into our warehouse, we got some coffees that are just phenomenal! 


Here our top five coffees:

1. La Fraternidad, Victor Ventura with an amazing Pacamara, shade grown and dried in Ethiopians beds in a zaran shade greenhouse with hints of caramel sweetness, fruity aromas and red apple, floral and sweet peach finish with a fine acidity!

2. El Guayabo, Lucia Portillo and her stunning Pacas, WOW this is crazy good! is like Honey, citrus, tropical fruits with panela and cocoa finish!

3. El Playon, Lurvin Ventura and his Pacas and Icatu coffee came to me like rain after a hot summer! amazing hints of Caramel, oranges and creamy sugar cane sweetness and vanilla finish!

4. El Playon, Israel Ventura and his Pacas variety! this is not new for us, this coffee tastes like a higher grown red bourbon, is crazy good! Hints of panela, citrus, dark chocolate and vanilla with cacao finish!

5. Parainema, El Playon, Israel Ventura, Parainema is a cultivar not a variety but is GOOD, I mean AWESOME! this coffee is a limited edition cause Israel only had a limited amount to send to us! so buy it NOW! hint of sweet white chocolate, creamy and silky citrus and nutty with sweet cacao nibs finish!

I could keep writing but I rather stop and let you enjoy this coffees!






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