Mother's Day and Coffee!

Mother's Day and Coffee!

This weekend we celebrate to the most important person in our lives, yes Dad, you know we are talking about MOM!

MOMS around the world are the backbone of the family, the rock base that hold siblings together; Trust me I am one of seven! yes 1 of 7, uno de siete! My mom did not have it easy at all, and that is why I wanted to write this blog about her today, she will get her version in Spanish cause she can not speak English, but I still wanted to share this with all of you and hoping this Mother's Day you and me can make our mom smile, proud and cry of joy!

My mom raised all of us very good, she did it will all she had and with the most clean, ethical and loved ways, she spanked me like none else but all those times were cause I wasnt the best kid. My dear mom always has been there for each one of her kids and sooooo many more that have taken her as a step mom, every day at 5:00 am she wakes up, makes a bunch of tortillas and gets ready for her day!

My memories about her heroic and amazing adventures are so many that I should write a book about her, (who wants to edit it), Tomorrow I will have a gallon of Horchata to drink, and the reason behind it is far beyond of being a delicious, refreshing and sweet drink, is cause one day of May, she started her own business selling Horchata drinks in the neighborhood. In a third world country like Honduras, striving to feed her family and provide the best she could, mom walked to the market everyday, bought the freshest materials and handmade every single batch of Horchata to perfection; people will book it in advance, parties were filled with it and our tummies too!

I love my mom, and I am sure you love yours too, please tomorrow do me a favor, give her a huge kiss, tell her she is beautiful, young and makes your day brighter!

Yo llamare a mi mama, le dire lo mismo y te contare que le agradezco por ser la fuente de mi vida!


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