The history of coffee!

Many times I have to go to teach classes about coffee to my local customers and sometimes to the schools near by or while I travel around the world and see the need to remind people about the history of coffee.

I always try to make i simple and just mention the biggest moments, but sometimes I also enjoy looking at those little details of whom and how some people changed our coffee life!

When Kaldi brought the coffees to his wife and she roasted them, smelled them and provably brew them; I really get curious about her, What was her name? Why was she so smart to suggest Kaldi to bring the coffee to the Monks? Was this the first Buna? See! Now you get me right?

Anyways, once Kaldi took the beans to the Monks in the Nile river and they realized how good it was, history starts making more sense.

What do you know about the coffee history? Do you know other versions of coffee discovery? Can you tell me a story about coffee that changed your life? 

Follow this link to read a very nice and short version of the history of coffee:

I love reading and watching documentaries about coffee and how it was trade, grown, brewed and banned from some people as well. It is amazing how the "Enlightened" showed up right away as coffee was legalized? 

Man, so much to talk about coffee and my cup is already empty! Getting a new cup now so, talk to you soon!


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