Theodore's Story and Final Logo!!!

Theodore's Story and Final Logo!!!

The Logo!

Yes we are changing the logo again! and it raises questions why? some wouldn't like it, others love it and here my input and explanation of it:

If you have followed us from the beginning of our adventure as Theodore's Coffee, you will remember the first logo:

 Yeah this is grandpa Theodore and our company was named in his honor, as well as the meaning of the word Theodore and also last but not least we wanted to name our baby boy Theodore! it make sense right? well baby boy turned to be baby girl and she is a happy, beautiful, bundle of joy named Matilda!

Last year I was feeling incomplete with the logo and wanted to reinvent everything to get more modern, cleaner look and try to get more traffic into the website and more; then we transitioned into:

Today I felt like starting to use the new logo and you can see in our website we have put some fun stuff for you to help us to represent anywhere you are!

Now here the explanation for the feather: Grandpa always wear a hat, his real nice and fancy (for him and me) Stetson  hat with a Peacock feather on the right side! You might start thinking ohhh now it makes sense! well hold on just one second; Our last name is Pavon which means "big turkey" or "Royal turkey" or "Pavo Real" = Peacock! So that's why the colors, the feather and my happiness in the final logo!

Thank for reading this blog!

Hasta la proxima!


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