Coffee Lovers this is Mr. Brandon Herholz, our new Director of Coffee Operation!

Brandon is as I call him the "Hipster" part that Theodore's Coffee didn't have before hahah in a good way! Brandon is a passionate coffee lover! I honestly haven't met someone as crazy in love with coffee as him!

Brandon is "newish" in coffee or better say in Third Wave Coffee, he alone roasted over 1 MILLION pounds of coffee just last year, yeah that's right a lot more than we will this year hahah but not better coffee :) that we agreed.

I met Brandon a like 6-8 months ago in a coffee shop he used to visit very often, after roasting coffee he would drive 15 miles away to drink coffee, I know it desn't make sense, but it is true. That day I brought some of our new Ethiopians offerings and he was around and I asked him to sample our coffees; I wanted to know more about him and his sparkling eyes after tasting our coffees told me that he needed to come work with us.


He started officially working today, and he has been roasting for the last 5 hours and will be roasting every day pretty much. But what's the difference? why coming to work with us?

In his own words Brandon says: Theodore's Coffee offers not just a huge and amazing selection of coffees, buy Direct-Trade from farmers and share back with the Micah Project. Along this the spirit of perfection, continuous improvements, building character and trust and many more has a impact in my life and the purposes I believe on. Theodore's Coffee is not just an amazing coffee is also a great philosophy of quality and perseverance that I love to represent.

Brandon is going to be trained as SCA Roaster Proffesional in a few weeks, HACCP, NFS and other training not just to warranty his success in the business but also to build character and passion for the best always!

Please send him a welcome message to his new email: brandon@theodorescoffee.com feel free to call him or just stop by grab a bag or two of his freshly roasted beans and get to know him, he is a pretty humble, down to earth and good heart person, we can not be more happy and proud to have Brandon in our team!

Brew on!


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