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Kakawa - the original way the Mayans called cacao. 

This elixir of the gods now available to you Directly from Mayan countries.

Cacao and coffee are super similar, as drink and for us as artisan a dedicated art as well. in the farming side the plantations, picking, processing, fermenting and drying, and for us the roasting and preparation of each bar has a story to tell and a world of flavors to explore.

Cacao grows at lower altitudes compare to coffee which need higher to obtain better quality. This allows for cacao to be grown in places where coffee is not-sometimes in different regions but often on different parts of the same farm.

Some of our current coffee farmers are intercropping which is something we are seeking to cultivate amongst producers we know lets call it diversification. We are sourcing cacao as ethically and direct as we can, from very small farms average of 2-3 acres up.

Coffee and chocolate are two things that we truly love to share with others, and as we began to put them together it became clear that they shared not only terroir but also flavor.

Our terroir Coffee-Chocolate is an amazing marriage of two different fruits that encompass a world of flavor and represents a cultivation of relationships between us, the farmer, and everyone in between. Just think Coffee origins are from Ethiopia and Chocolate from Guatemala, Belize and Honduras. Put them together and magic happens.

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