The name of this brewing device comes from the fact that the inventor was a doctor and from the looks of it you would think it was taken from a chemistry lab. The brewer is beautiful which is the reason many people love to feature it in their pictures across all of social media. The paper filter on this brewer is thicker than most and therefore it tends to produce a really clean cup of coffee.



6 Cup Chemex Brewer
Chemex Paper Filter
Awesome Coffee (whole bean will give you the best results)
Hot Water
Gooseneck Kettle



Ratio: 1/16.36
Water: 360g @203F (30 seconds off boil)
Coffee: 25g medium coarse

Let’s Brew: 

  1. Fold your filter and place it in the Chemex
  2. Rinse your filter with 100g @203F water and discard the water
  3. Pour coffee into filter, tare your scale and start your timer
  4. Bloom with 50 grams water (15 second pour)
  5. Gently excavate the slurry to ensure all grounds are saturated (optional)
  6. At 45 seconds, slow pour 90g of water (to reach 140g)
  7. At 1 min 30 seconds, slow pour an additional 110g of water (up to 250g)
  8. At 2 minutes, pour the last 110g of water to reach end weight of 360g of water
  9. Pout excess water in kettle inot mug to preheat.
  10. Dump water, pour yourself a cup and enjoy… or get busy and finish cold.