The French Press goes by many names around the world and it still remains the preferred method for coffee brewing for a lot of people today. The French Press is a very simple brewing device; grind your coffee, pour hot water, let steep and serve. It doesn’t get any easier than that. The following recipe is a twist to the more traditional recipe and it may seem a bit different at first, but give it a try and check the results for yourself. 



32 oz French Press
Awesome Coffee (whole bean will give you the best results)
Hot Water
2 Tablespoons



Ratio: 1/16
Water: 480g @205F (30 seconds off boil)
Coffee: 30g medium (not your traditional coarse grind)

Let’s Brew: 

  1. Preheat your french press for about 30 seconds and discard water
  2. Pour coffee into French Press and start your timerand
  3. Single pour 480g of water stirring with the pour to fully saturate your grounds
  4. Place lid on top of the press to retain heat inside it
  5. At 4 mins, using two tablespoons break the crust and scoop the floating grounds and foam
  6. Put lid back on so the filter sits on top of the water
  7. Let the grounds settle to the bottom on their own
  8. At 14 mins decant into your mug really slow so you don't disturb the grounds at the bottom
  9. Enjoy fines free coffee (or at least cleaner coffee)

NOTE: Once coffee grounds settle at the bottom, they don't contribute to the extraction. Therefore, the additional time you wait will not give you an over extracted brew. Because grind size is hard to communicate over text and different grinders produce different amounts of fines, you may have to adjust your grind to your palate.

TIP: Water temperature can be modified based on the density of the bean. Softer beans tend to favor cooler water temperatures.