After much trial and error, and some research into what seems to have worked for others, the following recipe has given the most consistent results. Keep in mind though that there is no single recipe and everyone’s palates are different. So the following should be used as a guideline and your experience should be dialed in with every coffee you try. Trust your taste buds and have some fun.

The V60 is an awesome brewing device. It allows full control over other brewing methods. It is also very easy to mess up. You have to keep constant watch as to how you pour, your grind size and your time. 



V60 Cone 2
V60 Paper filter
Awesome Coffee (whole bean will give you the best results)
Hot Water
Gooseneck Kettle
Tea Spoon
Carafe or Cup



Ratio: 1/16.36
Water: 360g @205F (30 seconds off boil)
Coffee: 22g medium fine (slightly finer than kosher salt)
Filter: Bleached non-tabbed paper filter

Let’s Brew: 

  1. Fold your filter into the V60
  2. Rinse your filter with 100g @205F water
  3. Pour coffee into filter, tare your scale and start your timer
  4. Bloom with 60 grams water (15 seconds pour)
  5. Gently excavate the slurry to ensure all grounds are saturated
  6. At 45 seconds, slow pour 300g of water for about 1 minute 15 seconds.
  7. Using a spoon run it around the top where the water sits and get all stuck grounds into the brew
  8. Grab the V60 by the rim and gently move around to create a spin and then tap onto the server
  9. Once drain, remove the V60 from the server. Swirl the server and pour.