Our Philosophy

Theodore's Coffee is a company who believes in the power of effect positive social change, supporting farmers worldwide and as direct as possible, sharing their stories and amazing products they grow, honoring and respecting their work through roasting and representing them with a perfectly roasted coffee.


QUALITY: We appreciate the effort and understand the time it takes to create something perfect, we strive to bring the best of the best in each small batch of coffee we roast.

PEOPLE:  We will always treat customers, employees, suppliers, and all others  in a way that is consistent with the immeasurable value, dignity, and potential in every human life.

HONOR: As we understand all the effort, time, passion and dedication each farmer puts into the crop, days of hard work represented in their coffees we want to share and honor their stories and their product.


Each coffee, Each farm, Each farmer has a story and we respect it and share it with the purpose to connect them with coffee lover around the world, helping them to understand the process and pay back for their work.


 We will create and sustain a market-driven, profit sustained venture which is one of the world’s most powerful vehicles for positively developing a society and affecting important cultural change. We buy our coffees from farmers directly and through partners that help us to get as close to the source as possible, paying them 3-5 times more than the market pays.


 We will both practice and demand the highest integrity in all our dealings.  We will be doing business only with companies and people that share this value.


We love people and we don't discriminate anyone for any reason, we love coffee and is a connection we share to spread our Love in a cup!