About us.


Theodore’s coffee was founded in early 2013 by Darwin Pavon. Theodore is Darwin Pavon’s grandfather’s name. Pavon in spanish is Peacock, therefore the peacock feather on our logo.

Darwin is a honduran native who spent most of his youth in the farms in Honduras. As an agronomist, he began developing customized fertilizers for coffee, melon, banana, and sugarcane farms through Honduras-based. Due to his success working with these farms, he earned an overseer position on a coffee-specific team that covered over 600 farms from Mexico to Colombia which allowed him to create long lasting relationships with the farmers he met along the way.

This is how Darwin met Israel Ventura. Ventura and his son, Lurvin, own and operate Finca El Playón between the sub regions of San Marcos and Mercedes in Ocotepeque, Honduras. They’re one of only a few independent farms with a license to export in the country, distinguishing them from the major exporters that would primarily buy coffee at commodity price.

Through his new friendship, Darwin was able to encourage coffee producers to seek direct-trade partners and export their coffee through Ventura’s rare license. This opportunity for selling to clients directly, and at a higher price, made a major difference in the lives of many farmers.

In early 2013, Theodore’s Coffee was created and we started roasting coffee from Darwin’s friends and partners in Central America. The skills and connections formed through Darwin’s career in his role as a farm consultant have been an integral part of our approach to roasting. We aim to provide all of our customers with the amazing coffees we source directly from our friends.

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