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Honduras, El Guayabo | Washed

Honduras, El Guayabo | Washed

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Notes: Panela, Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Strawberry
Roast Level: Light-Medium
Origin: San Marcos de Ocotepeque, Honduras
Farmer: Lucia Portillo
Elevation: 1800 masl
Variety: Pacas
Process: Washed

Doña Lucía is a sweet and hardworking lady. Mother of 12, when her husband died almost 30 years ago, she carried on their common dream of growing amazing coffee. The farm started with a 3 acre plantation: she ran the commercial side of the business while he tended the coffee. Since then, Finca El Guayabo has grown in size and production, and Lucia continues to be an integral part, doing “a little bit of everything,” she says.

To this day, she is still full of energy and passionate about coffee.

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