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LEGACY RESERVE | Vila Boa, Brazil | Anaerobic Natural

LEGACY RESERVE | Vila Boa, Brazil | Anaerobic Natural

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FARM/LOT NAME: Fazenda Vila Boa
ORIGIN : Minas Gerais, Brazil
PRODUCER : Monica Borges
VARIETAL : Yellow Bourbon
PROCESS : Anaerobic Natural Process, Carbon Neutral
TASTING NOTES : Fruit Loops, Pomegranate, Cashew, Cedar


Produced by Monica Borges de Sousa of Fazenda Vila Boa, entirely of the Yellow Bourbon variety of Arabica, and processed by the anaerobic natural method, in which the whole fruit is fermented in an oxygen-free environment before drying. Rainforest Alliance-certified. Scored 92pts. 


Campo das Vertentes is located in the heart of Minas Gerais state. The region gained its name, meaning literally “watershed fields,” due to its location between two important water basins in Brazil. Because of the fertile soils and the abundance of water, agriculture arrived early in the region, following the first settlers who came in search of precious metals.

Coffee adapted perfectly to this area and production can be traced back to 1860. More recently, the rich coffee tradition of Campo das Vertentes, as well as the unique landscape and microclimate of the region, are being recognized by a new geographical indication.

The region is characterized by high plateaus with an average altitude of 1,030 meters above sea level. Soft slopes allowing for efficient mechanization. The region has regular rainfall and mild temperatures throughout the year. The harvest season has dry weather, favoring post-harvest procedures, with a broad temperature range during the harvest season, offering good conditions for the maturation cycle. 

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